Cleaning Your Modular Home After Installation

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It will be very exciting for you to prepare to move into your new modular home. Members of your family will be excited to explore it and to make a space for themselves. However, before you place the refrigerator or discuss where to hang your photos, you will have to complete some essential tasks. Even if your new home is one of the best prefab homes, cleaning your new modular house should be your first and most important step.

Having a new prefab home is fabulous—you will have control over many things, like the type of kitchen countertops and flooring. But, what you will not have control over is the dust and mess the construction process leaves behind.

You may have to get help from a professional home cleaning service to tidy up your home. However, if you plan the cleaning process well, you can accomplish the task on your own. Read ahead to see some tips regarding cleaning your new modular home after its construction is finished.

Construction Dust

Depending on the stage of the construction, you may have much debris to clean up. If you were planning to clean the home before occupying it, then there will be much dust and debris to clean. To start, look for nails and chunks of wood and pick them up by hand.

After removing that, you will need to get rid of the construction dust. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the heavy dust, but make sure that you do not sweep at this stage.

Top-Down Cleaning

The next step is to wipe down the walls, starting at the top corners and moving down from there. After you wipe the walls, you’ll need to vacuum again to remove the dust that has fallen from the walls to the floor.

To clean wooden surfaces, you can use oil soap and for other surfaces, a damp cloth can be used. The damp cloth will collect all the dust and will not push the dry dust around the home.

Clean the Floors

After cleaning the walls and dusting the home, the next thing to do is to clean the floors. You may use a vacuum cleaner or a mop to clean the floor. After dusting and cleaning the floor, you can clean the parts of the home that you cannot see.

Don’t be confused, the unseen parts are the ducts of the heating and cooling system, and such underneath areas. Cleaning these areas is very important to make sure that dust is not circulated inside the house.