How to Find a Builder for your Prefab Home

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Prefab Home Builder

The best prefab homes are manufactured in a factory and assembled at their property site. Home builders construct these homes to exact standards. It is their duty to join the components of the home and finish its assembly. This is the reason why it is very important to find a good builder for assembling your prefab home.

Finding the Builder

Housing experts agree that the process of building prefab homes starts with finding the right builder. “Consumers are either going to look for a manufacturer, or look for a builder who deals with modular homes,” says Steve Snyder, executive director of the Modular Building Systems Association (MBSA). Buyers can search the website of modular home manufacturers to see the different floor plans offered by them.

After choosing the manufacturer, it is time to select the builder. Buyers may review certified home builders in their locality. “When a buyer contacts a manufacturer, they’ll be referred to a local building partner of that manufacturer,” says Snyder. Then, the buyer can purchase the home via that builder.

“Modular home manufacturers are suppliers of modules to a builder, much like a lumber yard supplies a site-built home builder,” says Thayer Long. Mr. Long is the vice president of public affairs for the National Modular Housing Council (NMHC). Furthermore, the builder represents the manufacturer and is responsible for complaints and callbacks.

Some home buyers prefer to start with a home builder that specializes in prefab homes. Many prefab and modular home associations offer online resources that can help home buyers understand the process. Also, these resources may offer a directory of vendors, builders, and suppliers.

Prefab Additions

Prefab additions are becoming increasingly popular as more and more homeowners prefer to improve their existing homes rather moving to a new one. “People are looking to add space to their homes,” says Andy Gianino, who is the president of a business that acts as both a dealer and builder of modular prefab homes.

“In-law additions are popular for aging parents who need more support, or families who need the extra help with the grandchildren. Indeed, homeowners can add a modular addition to the side of their home, or they can add to the top of the home, creating a second story,” Gianino says.