Seasonal Maintenance To Keep Your Modular Home In Good Shape

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Seasonal Maintenance Tips

If you live in a prefabricated home, it’s important to maintain it properly. Regular maintenance will ensure that your home stays in immaculate condition. It’s a good idea to have a seasonal maintenance schedule for even the best prefab homes. Below, we share some modular home maintenance tips for the spring season that will help you keep your home in top condition.

Inspect Roof and Clean off Dirt

Snow and ice buildup on the roof of the modular home can damage the shingles and roof. It is very important to replace all the missing or broken shingles to prevent further damage to the roofing. However, the replacement should be done only by a professional, as misguided attempts to replace the shingles can damage it.

Check Flooring and Ground Level

The home will be settling in the first few years of installation. When winter is over, you will need to check if the wood used in construction has contracted to make the house slant. In addition, winter frost may change the grade of the soil and ground around your modular home. So, ensure that the ground is sloping away from the foundation of the home; else, it will cause issues with the drainage system.

Repair Screens and Windows

Cold breeze of winter can cause small tears in screens and bugs can enter your house through these holes. You need to repair all holes in window screens and make sure that all the windows are clean. Clean windows will look nice on the home and will allow more light into your home. You may also remove insulation tapes from windows if there are any, as cleaning will not be complete without removing the insulation tapes.

Check the Ventilation Systems

Check and ensure that the ventilation system of the house is working properly, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. When the outside world gets warmer, it is important to ensure that the air inside the house is filtering and moving properly, to keep mold and other issues out of the home.

Check Smoke/Gas Alarms

Fire can happen in any season, so it is necessary to test the carbon dioxide and smoke alarms that are fitted in your modular home. If possible, you may check these alarms once in a week and replace batteries whenever needed.