The Basics of Manufactured Home Plumbing

Prefabricated Home
Manufactured Home Plumbing

Plumbing system of a manufactured home is much more simplified version of a site-built home, but those differences make it easy to work on. In manufactured homes, the main water supply connection will be found under the edge of the home near the outdoor hose connector.

Depending on the layout and location of the water heater, the supply lines will be housed in the side or middle of the home. Plumbing pipes will not be housed inside the walls of the manufactured homes, but will be placed inside the floors under the sink.

Some of the manufacturers may have used the lightest galvanized metal or plastic piping for plumbing. So replacement will be needed, eventually. Plastic piping may corrode and the galvanized pipe can rust, leading to leaks. In addition, there can be issues with the plumbing connections.

If you find that your manufactured home is plagued with leaks, it will be a good idea to re-pipe the complete home. You will find that it is far cheaper and less stressful to re-pipe the home than to fight with the old patches and materials.

The plumbing codes of the area will be the ultimate factor that decides on the material to be used, but Pex is one among the well-received products that can be used in plumbing, if the connection are high quality. Besides, cleanouts and overflows will not be used often in a manufactured home, even though some of the manufactured home owners use a soil stack or a ventilation stack.

This small pipe sticks out of the roof of the mobile home and carries away the bad gases and fumes from the wastes. You will need one for the proper functioning of the plumbing system.

It will be a good idea to have cut off valves at all the water sources like tubs, faucets, and toilet. However, if you need to replace or repair a water supply line in your home, you will need to cut off the main water supply to decrease pressure in the water lines, before cutting into the lines.

Basic Manufactured Home Plumbing System

There are mainly three parts, which make the complete plumbing system of a manufactured home. They are the supply lines, drainage lines, and ventilation lines. As the name suggest, the supply lines carry water, the drainage lines waste water, and the ventilation lines offer the necessary ventilation for the free flow of water.

Supply lines will be usually Copper or Pex and will be smaller than the drainage pipes. The larger ones (2 to 4 inches) will be used for the drain lines. These pipes are also made from Copper or PVC. Make sure that the grade is correct on the pipes while replacing the drainage pipes as too much of a grade will lead to more issues in plumbing.