Tips for Improving the Storage Spaces of Modular Homes

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Modular homes have literally transformed the housing industry around the world. They have become the preferred choice for living among many potential buyers. This is owed to its many advantages like quality, affordability, and customization. Due to this, many buyers now commonly favor best prefab homes than conventional site-built homes. However, in spite of its many benefits, modular housing still offers a few challenges to the homeowner. The lack of sufficient storage space is one among them and is one aspect that clearly separates it from conventional homes.

The compact feature of its interiors has left many homeowners struggling with the lack of ample space for moving freely. Most importantly, this insufficient storage space means that it would get increasingly difficult to store many of the things effectively. However, there are many creative ways to refit modular homes to accommodate sufficient storage space. Described below are some tips for creating ample storage space in modular homes.

Shoe Racks

Racks are the most suitable additions to include in a modular home for enhancing its storage space. Properly utilizing shoe and magazine racks can result in accommodating many other things besides footwear and books, and while using less space. You can use racks to create extra storage space in areas where you use essential items frequently, like kitchens, closets, and bathrooms.

Effective usage of shoe racks, particularly those that are made of fabric, can accommodate many of the kitchen storage needs like keeping silverware, cleaning materials, and utensils. Using racks on other important spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms will help in creating an effective storage option.

Using Bed Risers

Bed risers are helpful in creating storage spaces under beds that are low in height. When added beneath the legs, bed risers can raise the height of beds that provides enough space for storing many objects like suitcases, bags, and other items that are used less frequently. Storing such unimportant things under the bed will free up more floor space in modular homes.

Dead Spaces

Dead spaces like the underside of kitchen cabinets and refrigerator tops are effective areas of storage. The addition of cup hooks will further enhance the space inside kitchen cabinets, while also freeing up valuable space in the drawers. Placing baskets atop the refrigerator is an excellent way to store many lightweight food items.