Prefab Modular Homes

Time Needed to Build a Modular Home

Prefab Modular Homes
Building Modular Home

One of the major reasons for the immense popularity of small prefab homes among American citizens is that these houses get constructed at a faster pace when compared to conventional site-built homes. If you are a person who is planning to build a new home in short time, you should definitely settle for a prefabricated home.

Building and living in a prefabricated home allows you to enjoy numerous benefits. Additionally, you also enjoy the luxury of designing the house as per your needs. However, many prospective homebuyers in the country often wonder, “how long does it take to build the best prefab home.”

You might be already familiar with the fact that approximately 90 percentage of the construction of most prefab homes happens inside a climate controlled factory. You can easily calculate the time required for the completion of your new prefabricated home by breaking down the construction process into three crucial phases.

For instance, if you have already found an experienced prefabricated home manufacturer and selected a suitable building site to locate your newly built home, your homebuilder will be able to finish the construction of your prefab home in just 16 weeks or less.

Pre-Contract Phase

Pre-contract phase cannot be included in the building time of your home since it happens before starting the construction process of your home. The pre-contract phase usually covers the required documentation that you will have to do before you begin the construction process. Below are a few things that are addressed during this phase.

  • Color consultation/specifications
  • Planning application
  • Wind rating
  • Soil report/classification
  • Site survey
  • Working drawings

Factory Building Phase

The factory building phase of most prefabricated homes is usually around 8-10 weeks, but it will certainly depend on the size of your home. If you are building a big prefab home, the factory building phase may likely exceed 10 weeks. After completing this phase, manufacturers will deliver the newly constructed prefab home to your building site for completing the finishing works.

On-Site Building Phase

Your local builder will complete the finishing works of your prefab home in approximately 4-6 weeks. However, it is wiser to conduct a thorough inspection of your home before moving in, as it will help you to identify whether the finishing works are completed properly or not.