Helpful Tips for Protecting Modular Homes from Water Damage

Prefab Modular Homes
Protecting Modular Homes

Modular homes are prone to various kinds of damages and repairs over time. Conducting regular inspections is the preferred way to effectively deal with such issues and prolong the life of the home. Issues in the plumbing system of the home cause some of the common damages to modular homes. Plumbing issues are common in most prefab modular homes and the leakage of water can lead to a host of other issues. Unattended water leakages can cause significant damage to the interiors of the home over time.

Water leakage can result in building up of moisture and mold within the building materials and can cause extensive damage. Besides, such water damages will lead to more future problems that can prove very expensive if not dealt early. Described below are some helpful tips for protecting your prefab modular homes from water damage.

Inspecting Hoses and Faucets

Hoses and faucets are the major components of the plumbing system of a home that is prone to water leakages. To prevent such occurrences, do a periodic inspection of the hoses and faucets for any signs of cracks or wear on their surface. This can help in determining and fixing any source of water leakage. If you find any leakage during the inspection, you need to turn off the main water supply and properly dry the area for replacing the hose or piping. Hoses in most modular homes require replacing at every five years even if there are no issues or malfunctioning.

Caulking Shower

The caulking in the shower and the bathtubs require constant inspection. While inspecting, ensure the tightness of the seal and the entry of water behind the sealing. It is also important to check for any collection of moisture in the corners. The presence of water and moisture can facilitate the growth of molds that can cause extensive damage to the housing materials and pose various health risks to the inhabitants of the home. During the home building process, always make sure that the home contractors apply proper sealing in shower and bathtubs.

Inspecting the Roof

The other major area that is prone to water damage is the roofing. Water can accumulate in the roof surface due to damaged or missing roof shingles. This will cause quick growth of molds, which can eventually result in extensive damages to the roof. Inspecting the roof often for any damages is the best way to avoid issues from water damage.