Sustainable Prefabs is the New Motto in Prefab Housing

Prefab Modular Homes
Sustainable Prefab Housing

The prefab modular homes have come through the ranks and have started to look modern and sustainable these days. Prefabricated houses have trendy modules and a rich history that preceded the present day dwellings. In fact, the first of its kind home to resemble the looks of a prefab was built in 1908.

In the year 1908, one of the American builders had introduced a kit home, which got delivered throughout America via mail order. In 1913, Henry Ford introduced the assembly line manufacturing technique in Ford and that kick started a whole-new trend in the form of factory-built prefab modular homes.

The 1950s saw a traction: Following the World War II, consumers started to perceive the factory-built pre manufactured homes as a haven. By late 1950s, a reputed builder is believed to have assembled prefabricated houses that had stood the test of times, and even met the HUD standards.

From the 1970s onwards, the prefab housing industry strived hard to meet the HUD standard even in the single or doublewide dwellings. All thanks to the Computer Aided Designs, we have doublewide prefab modular homes today that have looks and space of a conventional home.

In fact, the present concept is the designer built prefab modular home which gain the nod from builders and home inspectors alike. Maybe the designer intervention explains why the modern prefab modular homes match the traditional stick-built homes.

Even three decades hitherto, the homeowners could hardly tell apart a 1976 stick-built to the HUD prefab. There are plenty of sustainable SIP kit prefabs in America, which onlookers love to gape from a safe distance. You could even drive down an American suburb and find stick-built homes and prefabs with close looks.

The modern day prefab homebuilders have more plans and inventions than Henry Ford may have had. Yet, the assembly line methods and quality precautions are still used by prefab modular homes builders to ensure complete quality in the modules.

A prefab may not be a world heritage certified dwelling, and yet they have certified quality. The builders in prefab housing do the hard yards to make the prefab floor plan customized and testified. If you plan to buy one following World Environment Day, consult with an award winning green homebuilder who demos sustainable prefab modular homes.