Tips To Reduce Costs In Prefab Modular Home Construction

Prefab Modular Homes
Modular Home Construction

Many of us choose prefab modular homes because they offer great savings, in terms of both time and money. If you plan to build a modular home, read this article for tips to save on its construction.

Avoid Extra Bathroom

The first mistakes are made in the early planning stage of prefab modular homes. When you are negotiating with the modular home manufacturer and looking at the various designs and floor plans that they offer, you should ensure that you are considering the plans that are right for you and your family.

You may not need the extra bathroom that is shown in the floor plan and you may skip it. This will help you cut down the manufacturing costs significantly. You may ask the manufacturer to install plumbing required for the extra bathroom inside the walls of the home. This will help you install the extra bathroom easily when you are ready to have one.

Use Standard Energy Efficiency

You need to understand that being eco friendly is not cheap. When you are deciding on the style of home that you need, you may think that it will be a smart idea to skip the energy efficient options for flooring or kitchen upgrades, as these upgrades will add to the overall value of your modular home. But, these are easy upgrades that you can have even after moving into your new home. However, it will be much difficult for you to upgrade the energy efficiency of the modular home after finishing the construction.

Energy efficiency of the home should be your first priority as the ceiling and wall insulation play an important role in the overall energy efficiency of the home. Another economic option to increase energy efficiency is to cover the home with house wrap.

Use Slab Foundation

Many modular homes have basements that offer storage and extra living space. Some of the American families strongly believe in basements, but if you feel that, a full basement is not necessary for your home, you can opt for the slab foundation. This will help you save considerably on the site building, and installation charges of the home. However, you will have to ensure that the location at which you are planning to install the modular home is suitable for slab foundation.