Use These Exterior Tips To Make Your Modular Home Unique

Prefabricated Houses
Unique Modular Home

Owning prefabricated houses or modular homes will allow you to enjoy plenty of comforts and many other benefits. If you are a person who strives to live within your means or if you want to be completely debt free, then an older modular home should be on the top of your list of potential housing options.

We have recently witnessed plenty of perspective new homeowners walking away from choosing a modular home because they assume that all modular homes look exactly the same. However, they are unaware of the fact that most modular homes offer endless floor plan choices and architectural designs to customers, which if used properly, could make your home unique.

In addition to that, you can also add plenty of elegant finish touches to your modular home to make your home unique and fit to your lifestyle. So, make sure to completely customize your prefabricate home, as it will help you to make your home a lot more stylish.

Build a Front Porch

You just can’t simply overstate the fact on how a front porch changes the entire look of your modular home. Some of the modular home styles such as the colonial style remain incomplete without a front porch. Adding a front porch to your modular home will also provide an inviting feeling to your home.

Add Dormers to your Roof

One of the least expensive ways through which you can add character to your home is by adding dormers to the roof. Dormers can be aesthetic, functional, or sometimes both. In certain instances, they are added on to the roof without disturbing the roof seating, while some homeowners also prefer to cut their roof in order to add the dormer.


An excellent paint job on your modular home will help you to entirely transform the feel and look of your modular home. Make sure to use a welcoming color, because the color of your modular home might influence your mood on a daily basis.

Use Decorative Roofing

It is significant to note that there are a few aesthetic changes that are a lot less expensive when they are made on a modular home, and attractive roofing is one among them. Using decorative roofing on your new or old modular home will make it look a lot more elegant and unique.