Weatherized Prefabs Prevent Ice Dams with Sustainable Modules and Insulated Shingles

Prefab Modular Homes
Weatherized Prefab Homes

Ice dams tend to form on roofs, especially during the Fall season. When snow melts and runs down towards the roof’s edge, it can freeze again as it drips off the edge. This is how icicles gradually form on prefab modular homes. If gutters or shingles are not kept in place, ice dams may leave moisture on sidewalls or creep into adobes. It’s important to keep a roof overhang and insulate shingles on the roof. If you don’t, ice dams can turn into icicles that, in turn, can ruin the surface of your home. Don’t worry—there are two ways to maintain the surface and clear icicles below the overhang or on the attic.

Two Ways To Protect Your Home From Ice Dams

An ice dam is nothing but melted ice that freezes gradually in the Fall season. If there is excess ice on the attic, use a snow rake to fully clear the ice by self or with the help of a general contractor. Use a snow rake instead of a hammer, chainsaw, or tools, that better clear melted ice but leave damages on roof shingle, making the landscape snowy.

In fact, leaving ventilation above the attic would circulate air, control attic temperature, and stop ice from melting down. Some homeowners use ridge and gable vents to clear humidity out of the attic and to bring cool air into the attic from outside.

Prefab Home Weatherization

The prefabs that are weatherized and get insulated in time for the monsoon, can prevent the issues that happen due to off season inclement weather. Insiders dealing in the prefab home market say that custom prefab modular homes made in climate-controlled factories give homeowners a chance to live inside a weatherized dwelling.

Experts also say that sealing the prefabricated home attic tightly is a good way to weatherize your home. Even despite all the precautions, if icicles form in your home, contact the general contractor, who responsibly clears the ice dam.

As a word of caution, prevention is always better than care, and the same goes true for American homes of all kind. Weather changes in America gradually and players in real estate always find a way to maintain ice dams with weatherized exteriors mandated by HUD.