Replacing Toilet in your Prefabricated Home

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As most of the prefabricated home toilets have a bowl and tank design, it is relatively easy to replace the toilet. If your prefab home has a different style of toilet, the steps explained below will not be helpful. Below are the steps to replace the bowl and tank styled toilet in small prefab homes.

Prepare Workspace

You can start by recording the space between the wall and the closest bolt of the toilet, which is usually referred to as rough in. You may expect a space of about twelve inches as a general rule, but a sales rep at any local home improvement store can help you ensure that you are getting the toilet of the right size. You need shut off the valve to the tank and then hold the lever down to empty the tank. After that, you need to empty the bowl and dry any water that is left in the tank and the bowl.

Dismantle the Unit

The next step is to loosen and remove the nuts that attach the toilet to the floor. This can be done with the help of an adjustable wrench. In addition, you will need to remove the nuts that are holding the flush tank in place and get the tank out of the way. Now you may remove the bolts that hold the bowl to the floor and remove the bowl carefully. For this, you will need to snap the seal between the seat and the bowl to lift it up. Make sure that you plug the flange; else, sewer gases could leak into your home.

Install the New Unit

Before installing the new unit, you need to clean the space completely and make sure that the toilet flange rises about half an inch from the floor. The process of installing a new toilet is the reverse of removing the old toilet. You can lay newspaper on the floor to protect the toilet from scratches while you install it. After that, you can seal the soil flange with a gasket. Make sure that you seal the base of the toilet as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Unplug the flange to place the bowl and apply pressure to put the toilet in place.

Add the Tank

Before adding the tank, you need to install the rubber spud washer as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer. After putting the spud washer in place, you can place the tank and then put the tank mounting bolt to make sure that the tank is firmly fixed in place. After adding the tank, you can connect the water line and then restore the water supply. Make sure that there are no leaks in the plumbing joints and that the toilet is working properly.