What Homeowners Should Know About Coded Egress and Egress Wells

Prefabricated Home
Coded Egress And Egress Wells

An egress placed underneath a prefabricated home gives dwellers an exit from inside the home in case of an emergency. There should be a two-way out underneath the prefabricated or manufactured home. To achieve this, you must place egress in more than one way. A two-way out egress comes in handy in the basement or the attic, especially when an unforeseen event arises.

A living space underneath your basement, also known as a “man cave,”  provides valuable additional space. You can use this space to run daily routines, or lead a casual life akin to an old time dweller. Many homeowners convert their basement into a home theater with amplified surround sound and an entertainment system. Placing an egress in such homes could be difficult. Still, the International Residential Code (IRC) compels all homeowners to have an egress system to ensure their own safety.

Egress for Emergencies

Most branded egress windows have an integrated stepladder and a well cover that helps residents escape in an emergency. When accidents such as fire come around leaving you minutes to escape, egress well cover can be used to jump out of the house and be safe from the danger. You should also insulate the egress well by 4 x 5 feet to 5 x 7 feet in depth for faster escape.

There are two types of egress wells. One is the standard metal well  and the other is the polyurethane egress featuring protection from UV light, mold, and mildew. Regardless of which one you choose, note that in addition to enhancing home safety, the egress window wells also bring in sunlight inside the basement making lives comfortable underneath.

A mobile home constructed between July 1972 to July 1976 will have an egress that complies with HUD codes in every bedroom. However, the IRC codes define the egress placement beneath the basement of a mobile home since then and even now. It’s never too late to upgrade old egress in a prefabricated home. It will help you satisfy IRC codes and give you additional space for living in your home.