Common Mistakes Made By Customers While Building A Prefab Home

Prefabricated Houses
Building a Prefab Home

One of the major reasons why many customers chose prefabricated houses over other housing options is because these factory-built structures offer much better cost and time saving options to them. However, it is true that you will have to consider a few factors before buying a modular home.

Mistakes can happen to anyone, but if you are ready to take a look on the common mistakes made by modular homebuyers, then we assure that you will not make the same mistakes as they did. Besides that, consulting with your modular homebuilder and clearing all your concerns and doubts about the construction process and other things related to your prefabricated home will also help you to steer away from trouble. Here are a few common mistakes made by customers while building a prefabricated home.

Skipping the Extra Bathroom

Your prefabricated home manufacturer will bring a number of floor plans for your new home in the initial planning phase. Take a good look at all the different floor plans and asses each of them, as it will certainly help you to find the best floor plan for your prefabricated home.

You may go with the assumption that you will only need a single bathroom, but this is not a wise choice, because you won’t have any other option later when your family grows bigger. Another factor to note is that potential prefabricated home buyers usually look for homes with multiple bathrooms. So, if you are planning to sell the house after a few years, then having an extra bathroom will help you to increase the resale value of your prefabricated home.

Choosing Slab Foundation over Full Basement

If you plan to build a prefabricated home on a high water table, then this step won’t concern you. Many homes in the country have basements, usually used for storage or extra living space.

You may opt to build a full basement rather than use a slab foundation. A basement will significantly increase the amount of space you can enjoy in your new home. It will also make your home much easier to sell.

Using Standard Energy Efficiency

Many prefab home buyers prefer to skip energy efficiency options when they build their home because they find them expensive. Often, they decide to spend this money on flooring and kitchen upgrades instead.

It’s true that flooring and kitchen upgrades will significantly increase the value of your prefabricated home. However, you can also install them after you move in. On the other hand, installing energy efficient options after moving in to your new home can be a bit difficult. So, your first priority should be on installing energy efficient options.