Customizable Material Make Prefabs Attractive

Prefabricated Houses
Prefab Home Materials

Prefabricated houses use materials concrete, steel, and traditional wood. Below are the attributes of these three types of dwellings.

Durable Prefabs

In the 1980’s, builders used concrete as an alternative material. These were known as concrete boxes, a term that is tailor-made. Steel prefabs, on the other hand, require panel repaints and renovations from time to time. Traditional wood requires lamination to prevent the moisture in prefab modular homes.

Comfort Factor

Soundproof prefabs avoid loud sound inside the adobes and keep noise transmission to within the four walls. The lightness of the wall makes soundproofing tough in steel prefabs. A wooden floor limits the loudness with heavy insulation on the floor. That is one option. One can also layer concrete in between the gaps of wooden floors.

Temporary Mobility

Usually, steel prefabs weigh 2 tons. Builders decouple heavy wooden modules in parts. Compare these two with concrete prefab homes, which can weigh up to 18 tons. Though their mobility depends on the robustness of the materials used, builders move prefab homes from the factory to the site as modules.


Take the case of concrete boxes that are secure and customizable. They were made of highly compressed concrete. The wooden prefabs can be hard to customize, in the same way as concrete. It’s hard to find a dwelling that offers more options for customization.

Assembly Line Methods in Prefab Housing

International building codes make prefabs valuable across borders. A buyer may expedite the construction of a prefab home, for an extra fee. This is why some builders use assembly line methods in controlled factory settings to assemble the modules quickly and efficiently.

Lego Modules and Duplex Prefabs are Different

This is a new concept trend nowadays. Designers embrace different ideas such as the Lego modules or duplex designs for building small prefab homes. The Lego is a coined word, gives the design-centric customizations to the homeowners. In case of the duplex prefabs, a buyer may purchase one side outright, and rent the other side to tenants.