Finding the Perfect Prefabricated Home Style for you

Prefabricated Home
Prefabricated House Style

If you are planning to make a prefabricated home, you might be confused about the style of home for you. There are many styles for you to choose from and having an idea about the various styles will help you make the selection process easy. The best prefab home styles are explained below.

Chalet Style

This prefab modular home style is inspired from the Swiss alpine houses and is much suited for snowier and cold areas. This style homes will have high roofs that are pointed and tilted at acute angles. This is to prevent building up of snow on top of the houses. Another distinctive feature of this style homes is the size of the windows. Chalet style modular homes will have very large windows to allow more light into the home.

Ranch Style

This style of modular homes is also called as the rambler or the rancher. These homes can be easily differentiated from the other styles of modular homes by their short stature and simple and minimal exterior decors. This style of modular homes is usually single storied and have an asymmetrical rectangle or L shape. Ranch style prefabricated homes are suitable for warm climates as the short roofs of these homes are not suitable to handle heavy snowfall.

Cape Cod Style

Cape Cod style prefab homes are commonly found in cold areas. You can find many Cape Cod style prefab homes in the Northeast regions where the style originated. This is an affordable prefab modular home design that can have a single story or two stories as per the need of the family. You can easily differentiate a Cape Cod style modular home from the other styles, as these homes will be covered with shingles, and will have shuttered windows and dormers.

Colonial Style

Colonial style prefab homes are found usually in the southern states of the country. This style can be recognized easily by their big size and the presence of white columns. Most of these homes will have front porches and some of them may have porches that wrap around the house. These homes are really tall and inviting and will have a height of at least two stories. You can opt for this style only if you have a big plot and are looking for a spacious home.