How to Build A Self Sufficient Modular Home

Prefabricated Houses
Self Sufficient Modular Home

Whether you are planning to add eco friendly features to your home, or wish to live completely off the grid, modular homes can be a great option for you. If you are thinking to have a self-sufficient modular home, you will need to address four important areas like heating and cooling, power, water, and waste management.

Many of the modular prefabricated houses include sustainable features as part of the build and some features are offered as optional extras. If you are planning to go a step further and make a modular home that remains off the grid, you will have to find alternative sources to cater to the water and energy needs and set up an efficient waste management system.

There are many ways to attain self-sufficiency in small prefab homes and some of them may need large investments, while some others may need making small additions or adjustments to the house when building. Read below to know some ideas on making your modular home self-sufficient.

Solar Power

Solar panels will capture the sun’s rays and convert it into electrical energy that can be used to power your modular home. These panels are a common sight these days, as the price of electricity is on the rise. These panels are available in varied shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs.

Water Supply

Going off the grid for your water supply may or may not be feasible. First, you should calculate the amount of water you need and the quantity of water that you can store. You can collect rainwater from the roof of a prefab tiny house and use it to wash clothes or clean your car.

Heating and Cooling

You can use the electricity the solar panel produces to power the heating and cooling systems in your modular home. Double glazed windows, and additional ceiling and wall insulation, will also decrease your use of these systems. You may also zone your modular home. This involves closing off the areas of your home you do not use to avoid unnecessary heating and cooling.

Waste Disposal

You will need to find out the best waste management system for the site conditions. In most of the cases, a grey water treatment system will do the job. You may also use composting toilets to make your new modular home self-sufficient.