How to Install Security Bars in the Windows of Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated Houses
Installing Security Bars

Installing security bars in the windows of your home is an effective way to deter burglars. As these bars are effective in keeping out the intruders, installing bars can help cut down the homeowner insurance premium. These security bars are available in a variety of colors and styles, and can add a decorative touch to prefabricated houses. Installing security bars is not a difficult task either. Simply follow the steps that are explained below to install security bars at your home.

Selecting Bars

You can visit a machine shop and have custom security bars made for the windows of prefabricated houses. These types of bars are usually made of iron or steel, and are very sturdy. You may also find adjustable security bars in some hardware stores. These bars may not be as secure as the solid iron bars, but can be a cost effective option. These are also security bars, which can be opened, unlocked, or removed from inside the home.

Measure Windows

You need to measure the openings of the windows where you plan to install the bars and then place the bars against the window opening. Mark the point where the fastening screws are to be attached. Now, drill holes in the frame of the window where you have marked. But before that, you need to cross check that the security bars align well with the frame of the window.

Install the Bars

Place the bars against the frame of the window and screw the bars making use of long deck screws or security screws. It is important to make sure that the deck screws go into the frame of the window, not just the casing of the frame. This is why you will need to use long screws to hold the bars in place. You can repeat these steps for all the windows where you need to install security bars.

These are the simple steps to install security bars to the windows of prefabricated houses. However, before installing these bars, you will need to understand that these bars not only keep people out, but can also keep people in. So, it is important to ensure that the installed security bars can be opened from the inside of the home, as that will come handy at times of an emergency.