Major Customization Works Done on a Prefabricated Home

Prefabricated Home
Prefabricated Home Customization Works

The main advantage of a prefabricated home is the amount of customizations that are possible with it. Some of the prefab home manufacturers built the homes by following the plans that are prepared beforehand. This enables them to order the required materials in bulk and quickly finish the work. Due to this, the buyers can get maximum savings too, but this comes at the cost of the inability to make any changes once the home is complete.

It is true that most modular home manufacturers allow for some amount of customizations, while others offer a full range of customizations according to the buyer’s needs. Customization is highly important since it allows the homeowner to carry out the necessary changes to both the exterior and interior of the home, thereby making it truly unique from the standard models issued out by the manufacturers. Below are some of the key customization works done on prefabricated houses.


Carrying out any exterior modifications is the far easier and involves replacing some of the external elements such as windows and roofing. Changing the roofing is the most inexpensive way and includes the addition of dormers and gables, replacing the shingles with more eye-catching designs, as well as altering the overall height and angle of the roof.

Adding or moving windows are another way to enhance the exteriors. It makes the home look more attractive while also paving way for good air circulation and entry of natural light into the interiors. Moreover, the addition of a front porch with a gable or full roof cover provides the home with a more welcoming feel.


Interior customizations will aid in enhancing the look, functionality, and efficiency of a prefabricated home. Some of the key interior customization works include replacing the kitchen cabinets with more functional ones, redesigning the flooring, and customizing the wall positioning.

Buying a home with all the necessary appliances installed will entitle the buyer with any of the discounts offered by the manufacturer. Moreover, going for EnergyStar rated appliances will further minimize the power consumption in the home, thereby reducing the monthly electricity bills by a greater extent.

Altering HVAC Systems and Utilities

The other major aspect in customizing prefabricated houses is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems and utilities. This includes allocating one vent for each of the room, especially in the bathrooms, for effective circulation of fresh air. Moreover, installing numerous electrical outlets throughout the prefabricated home will help when planning to include utilities such as a security system or home theater system.