Popular Styles in Prefab Modular Homes

Prefabricated Home
Prefab Modular Homes

Modular homes come in many styles nowadays to accommodate the needs of any potential buyer. These different styles mostly emulate the look and features of different conventional homes built across the country. In addition, adopting any of such styles is far easier in prefab modular homes than traditional home building. Furthermore, the inclusions of such wide range of distinctive styles have also contributed to the increasing success of prefab modular homes among buyers. Below are few of the popular styles of modular homes.


The ranch style has its origins in the country, is shorter, and features minimal exterior decoration. They have a common shape like an ‘L’ or an asymmetrical rectangle. Ranch styled homes are commonly built in areas where the climate is warmer. Their short roofs are incapable of dealing with any extremities in weather like heavy rains, snowfall etc. Ranch style modular homes with their simpler design are the most inexpensive to build.


The chalet style modular homes are inspired by the alpine houses found commonly in the Swiss countryside. Chalet style is particularly suited for areas where cold and snow prevail. One of the distinctive features of these homes is the presence of pointed roofs usually in a high angled slope. This prevents the accumulation of snow. The presence of large windows is another distinguishing feature of chalet style. It offers ample natural light into the homes that result in much brighter interiors thereby reducing the dependence on electric lighting.


Two-Story houses have two above-ground stories, which makes them different from all the other common modular housing styles. In this housing style, the living rooms, kitchen, and dining room are located on the bottom floor while the bedrooms are situated on the top floors. Two-Story style prefab modular homes are ideal for families considering building a house on a smaller sized plot.


Modern style modular homes represent the future of prefab housing. This style allows for the higher customizations than the other styles. Modern modular homes are constructed mainly of steel frames than wood, which enables easy replacement as well as accommodating additional spaces into the rooms.

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod style modular home is most suited for areas with cold weather conditions. The exteriors of such homes are covered with shingles and the windows have shutters. These homes also feature dormers on the roof and additional storage spaces in the attic due to the sloped roof.