The Pricing of Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated Houses
Prefabricated House Pricing

The immense popularity and comfort offered by prefabricated houses continue to attract American citizens towards this housing option. If you are planning to build a prefabricated home, then you might be wondering about the price of a prefabricated home.

Just like a conventional site-built home, the price of prefab housing structures also depends on which type of home you choose. If you are able to understand all components of a new prefab home estimate, then it will certainly help you to make better decisions when you are building a new prefabricated home.

Cost Factors

You will frequently hear the term “cost per square foot” when you are building a new prefab home. This common term can be a little bit misleading. You may assume that it is a fine way to get an idea of prefab home prices. However, “cost per square foot” doesn’t give an accurate estimate of building a new home.

The cost of prefabricated houses significantly varies on the type of home and on the features that are included in the structure. So, make sure to consult with your homebuilder, as they may be able to give an accurate estimate.

Extras and Upgrades

Let us assume that you have already decided on a particular type of prefab home. Now, you might be probably thinking about adding a few more features to customize the home according to your needs. Yet you should realize that some of these changes or additions might have an impact on the cost per square foot of your prefab home.

For example, upgrading the countertops of your home’s kitchen or replacing the flooring will increase the cost of your new home. So, make sure to note the fact that some upgrades can be a little bit expensive and labor intensive.

Style of Build

If you are interested in building a single story prefab home, then you might be visiting a few prefab home manufacturers to get an estimate on this particular type of home. However, not all single-story prefabricated houses are created equal. The style of your home will have a huge impact on the price.

So, make sure to do a little research and compare the different packages offered by prefab home manufacturers, as it will help you to acquire a better deal.