Types of Prefabricated Home Windows

Prefabricated Home
Prefabricated Home Windows

Prefabricated houses have become very popular housing options these days owing to the ease of construction and cost savings it offers. Moreover, these homes are available in many designs to suit the needs of the buyer. Let us look into the different window options that are available in prefab modular homes.

Single Hung Windows

These windows will have a movable lower sash and these are an energy efficient window option for prefabricated homes. The only downside is that it allows only the bottom sash to open for ventilation. The cost of this window type is low when compared to the other types, but many users prefer those windows types that allow to open the top sash.

Double Hung Windows

This type of window will have two sashes that can be moved up and down to offer natural ventilation. It’s a common trend among modular home manufacturers. Sliding windows and double hung windows may lead to air leaks at the sashes, decreasing the energy efficiency of the modular home.

Note that it is not possible to install tight weather stripping in these windows, as both the sashes need to be moved freely. Another important thing is to have sash locks that are aligned properly to minimize air leakage and to keep the sashes tight.

Casement Windows

This is the most energy efficient type of prefabricated home window. The sash of the window will be cranked out when the window is opened and cranked shut when it is closed. The sash will be tightened into an airtight seal to prevent leakage of air from the home, thus offering great energy efficiency to the home. You should be careful while using casement windows near to pathways though, as the window sash can be hazardous when it is opened out.

Hopper Windows

These windows are usually installed in foundation walls to offer natural ventilation and lighting to modular home basements. This type of window open using hinges and these windows are close to casement windows in energy efficiency.

The installation of the window will determine its energy efficiency and tightness. This type of window is usually used in modern prefabricated houses and is available in a variety of sizes. You should understand that it would be difficult to open and close large hopper windows.